We invest in engineering so you can feel great about investing in our product.  See what makes our heads the most high performing & longest lasting on the market.

Offense Technology.png
Defense Technology.png

Control Zone Offset - our two-tiered offset provides speed, control & a quick release.


Force Shift Block - creates the perfect center of gravity for optimum balance & feel


Temp Lock Tech - our latest and greatest material that provides stiffness & all-weather performance


Bridge Reinforced Sidewall (Defense 2.0) - provides strength & reliability using alternating triangles just like the worlds greatest engineering feats


Optimized Face Shape - our fast scoop & tailored flair create the perfect setup for every position

Note:  These features apply specifically to the Sidewallz Lacrosse Offense (2.0) & Defense (2.0) heads.  Our first generation of heads, the Sidewallz Lacrosse S1 Flash (Offense) & S1 Force (Defense), include some but not all of these features.

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