Use this page to purchase a head with your very own custom design. 


Have you already coordinated a custom mock up with us?  Briefly describe your design in the "Describe Your Design" field.  Your name and email address will also help us pin point your design.


Haven't coordinated a mock up yet?  Describe your design using the "Describe Your Design" field and we will create a custom mock up based on your description.  We will send you the digital mock up via email for your approval to get your approval prior to creating the physical head. You may make and request changes to the first digital mock up until we've arrived at the design you had in mind.  

My Custom Design

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  • The future of lacrosse manufacturing is NOW! Sidewallz Lacrosse is the World’s first premier custom lacrosse head manufacturer.  Here's some more info about our products:


    • S1 Flash (Offensive) Built for consistency with a focus on speed. This head features a channeled face shape and tailored flair that optimizes shooting & passing accuracy and power. It’s extreme stiffness and leading-edge scoop make ground balls a breeze. This head does everything in a flash keeping you one step ahead of your opponent at all times.
    • The S1 Force (Defensive) Built for consistency with a focus on durability. The reinforced sidewall design allows you to be a punisher on the field without worrying about breaking your head. The leading edge scoop and channeled face shape creates a ground ball vacuuum. It’s maximized stiffness reduces head deflection, resulting in a more efficient transfer of force when checking.


    Our innovative manufacturing processes creates a stronger and more durable head than any other on the market. The colors/patterns on your head are permanent, weatherproof, and will not chip or flake off. This head is top notch in both function and design so don’t be afraid to put it to the test!


    Have you been searching for a consistent game stick that will last you the whole year and more?  Look no further because a Sidewallz Lacrosse head is for you!

  • We believe in our product and designed our heads to be more durable than any other on the market. You should never have to worry about a warranty policy when using a Sidewallz Lacrosse head. All sales are final and any returns will be handled on a case by case basis. Customer inquires can be directed via email to:

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