Our new Offense 2.0 & Defense 2.0 heads are available now!  Our first generation of heads can be seen on the GALLERY page.  If you need help ordering please reach out via the CONTACT US page.

Offense Technology.png
Defense Technology.png

Control Zone Offset - our two-tiered offset provides speed, control & a quick release.


Force Shift Block - creates the perfect center of gravity for optimum balance & feel


Temp Lock Tech - our latest and greatest material that provides stiffness & all-weather performance


Bridge Reinforced Sidewall (Defense) - provides strength & reliability using alternating triangles just like the worlds greatest engineering feats


Optimized Face Shape - our fast scoop & tailored flair create the perfect setup for every position

Note:  These features apply specifically to the Sidewallz Lacrosse Offense (2.0) & Defense (2.0) heads.  Our first generation of heads, the Sidewallz Lacrosse S1 Flash (Offense) & S1 Force (Defense), include some but not all of these features.

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