Our Story

Our Vision

is to inspire the lacrosse community and give back to the game that has given us so much.

Our Mission

is to revolutionize the way lacrosse heads are manufactured

About Sidewallz Lacrosse


Tommy McKee here.  

I’m the founder of Sidewallz Lacrosse, a revolutionary lacrosse company dedicated to inspiring players like YOU on your lacrosse journey!


If you’ve always dreamed of having an amazing custom lacrosse head but don't have the dying skills then you’re in the right place. My goal with Sidewallz Lacrosse is to deliver the inspiration and capability you need to put your signature on the game and create the custom lacrosse head you’ve always dreamed of.


I’ve worked with thousands of incredible lacrosse players at all levels of the game.

However, before Sidewallz Lacrosse was even a thought, my journey was full of struggle and searching.


While serving as an active duty Air Force Officer, I tried a Masters Degree program (1st semester dropout). That is where my life all changed.


My Journey

I may be an Entrepreneur now, but I haven’t always been one. Here’s a little background on how I came up with the idea to launch a custom lacrosse manufacturing business, and also how I’m directing all my passion and energy towards my goal of INSPIRING MILLIONS.


The day I graduated…

I graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 2014 and was commissioned as an Officer in the US Air Force. As I saw my time in the service approaching it's end (I served a total of 8 years), I began my search for what I was ‘supposed to do next'… find a J.O.B.


During this search I tried Business School, and after one semester dropped out.


My introduction to Entrepreneurship

Once in business school, I started working on a business plan for a class project. It wasn’t the best timing (still in the Air Force and balancing professional lacrosse), so I had to get quite inventive with how to manage my time, and this is when my Entrepreneurial dreams were born.


I realized that although I didn’t love the traditional aspects of school I had fallen in love with the process of creating a business. I quickly found that the creative process involved in building a business was giving me satisfaction in a way that my previous jobs could not compare to. After briefly consulting with friends and family I decided to dropout of school and commit to building this thing “for real”.


My AH-HA moment

I can’t exactly pin my “AH-HA” moment but I do know that my frustration with lacrosse head customization all started in 7th grade when I tried dying my first lacrosse head. It was supposed to turn out jet black, it came out dark purple…


I just knew there had to be a better way and eventually the idea was born.


Over time my concepts for custom lacrosse heads began to form – and after a jumpstart from business school I was finally ready to put these ideas into action.


Once I started…

Once I committed to starting the business, there was no turning back.


I was thoroughly enjoying every second of every day. Learning about entrepreneurship and developing the business on a daily basis was feeding my passion to which had an endless appetite. I started working on the business as soon I arrived home from my Air Force job each day and then worked the remaining hours of the day (and night) on Sidewallz Lacrosse without even noticing.


My goal was to revolutionize custom lacrosse heads and hopefully gain followers and fans that were benefiting from the products and content I was providing.


Sidewallz Lacrosse officially launched on September 22nd, 2016, and I have tried to follow a VERY simple recipe for success: Create innovative, valuable, and consistent products and content.


Before long, a community began to form that has remained loyal and supportive to this day. For all of you I am truly so thankful.


More Deets:

  • I currently live in Michigan, I’ve previously lived in Colorado, Mississippi, Kansas, and South Dakota.

  • I’ve traveled the world thanks to the military and lacrosse

  • And the best part; I’ve been able to share my success with those less fortunate by working with organizations like StickWithUs Lacrosse, Shootout For Soldiers, the Ales Hrebesky Memorial, and many more.


How I can help you…

The inseparable bond between you and a piece of equipment (your lacrosse stick) exists nowhere else in sports. My first lacrosse stick changed my life. Every stick I used along the way helped write another chapter in my story. I am truly humbled to be able to provide you with a unique and sacred stick that will help you write your own story.

  • Let me design your dream lacrosse head for you!

  • Interested in improving your lacrosse skills and playing at a higher level? Let me know what type of content you want to see on Youtube the other Sidewallz Lacrosse social platforms!

  • Show your unique personality by sporting our streetwear inspired merch



Let me help you discover Your Dream Lacrosse Head! Shoot me an email at tommy@sidewallz.com so you are first in line for our relaunch this year!


Fun facts about Tommy :-)

- I held the NCAA Goal Streak record over Myles Thompson during my Junior thru Senior year (makes you wonder who really should have won the Tewaaraton Award…)

- I have two Cocker Spaniel/Poodle's that are my best friends… (don't @ me)



Since the companies inception I have learned so much from interacting and smiling with all of you. With YOUR feedback and recommendations I have innovated our product and redesigned your user interface (I CAN'T WAIT to release the new UI). These new products and innovations will be available to you later this Spring during the “relaunch” of Sidewallz Lacrosse. I can’t wait for you all to enjoy what you have helped build!



Did you enjoy my story? A great way to show your appreciation is by sharing it with friends. You can also get in touch with me via the CONTACT US page. Thank YOU!

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