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The Future of Lacrosse is Now

At Sidewallz Lacrosse, we don’t think you should have to be Picasso in order to have a custom lacrosse head.  We are the first manufacturer to provide a completely customizable head that represents the individuality and style you bring to the game!

That’s why we created Sidewallz.com: an online store housing the largest selection of custom lacrosse heads under one roof…with fast delivery right to yours.

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Our Vision

is to inspire the lacrosse community and impact positive change around the globe

Our Mission

is to revolutionize lacrosse head manufacturing

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Tommy McKee

Founder, Sidewallz Lacrosse

NLL Pro: 2015-Present

College: United States Air Force Academy, 2014

Tommy was first introduced to lacrosse in the 7th grade when his cousins brought their sticks to a family Christmas gathering in his home state of Michigan.  He quickly fell in love with the game and with his first lacrosse stick.

"The inseparable connection between a player and a piece of equipment (their lacrosse stick) exists nowhere else in sport", he says.  "My first lacrosse stick changed my life.  Every stick I used along the way helped write another chapter in my story.  I am truly humbled to be in the position to provide athletes with a unique and sacred stick that can help them write their story."

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